suguangping (suzie)
Hong Kong, CHN

Bio: I am a female, but I believe one's ability won't be limited by his or her gender. I am passionate and ambitious to achieve something big, as a journalist. This career itself has already been meaningful and attractive enough for me - someone really likes writing and challenge. Some may consider journalist as a pretty tough job which is full of pressure and exhaustion, but I will enjoy the satisfation you may have after finishing an interview then just seeing your work pop up on TV or in the newspaper later. Travelling is my hobby, and communicating with people from different places seems fabulous. You may not only see beautiful sceneries or special things, you can also meet different people and see different culture, even find out some pretty good stories which will impress you. I grew up in Guangzhou, CHN, graduated from GDUFS as a journalism student with a double major in International Business and Trade. Since then, I discovered that I want to work as an International journalist , but I need more practice and learning, so I came to HKBU for further studies as a graduate student. The opportunities are various here and our teachers are very professional and skillful reporters, such as Michael Mosettig, Robin Ewing, Dean Cox and Peter Eng. I believe choosing HKBU to study Journalism may start a new page of my life. Now I start calling myself a student journalist and get ready to work as a journalist every minute.

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