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Mainland Students of HKBU in cold Hong Kong winter

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February 13, 2014

HONG KONG- Influenced by cold winter monsoon, Hong Kong has recorded the historical lowest February temperature (7 degree) this year for the last 18 years, which strongly affected not only Hong Kong residents but some HKBU (Hong Kong Baptist University) students from mainland.

Being asked how they dealt with the coldness, three of respondents (Ann Lyu, Zhou Hui Xiao Wan and Sun Jia Hui) said they could only stay in bed covered by quilts when they had no class, using rubber heating water bags.

Lily Lee described herself “could not feel warm while sleeping and could not wake up in the morning”, when Sandra Huang Yue said, “I got frozen awake in the morning and cannot sleep enough.”

As most of them came here for study, they needed to reduce baggage and the clothes they brought were not enough. In the meanwhile, some students from northern areas of China mainland have underestimated the coldness in Hong Kong.

Jane Tang Yi said, “some of us feel cold because we only brought our autumn clothes here.”

Sandra, who comes from Jiangsu Province, said that in her hometown, the winter temperature was always below zero, but they have heater indoors, “I still cannot get used to the weather in Hong Kong, its winter is very moist, gloomy and cold. I wish the coldness will end soon”.

The temperature will be continuously low till this weekend, then rise from 10℃ to above 15℃.