“Marriage Isn’t for You” Goes Viral for Straight People but Creates Pain for LGBTs

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ImageThe English language can be a funny thing.  The same words can be used in different contexts and have very different impact.  I remember receiving a letter from a videocassette manufacturer from England when I was a young professional working for a film production company.  It was an introduction letter to our female vice president.  It read, “I would be so pleased if in the next few weeks I would be permitted to come knock Ms. Juden up.”   I showed her the letter.  Her response was, “He had better be giving us one hell of a deal on wholesale videocassettes for THAT!”

Recently, a blog piece by Seth Adam Smith went viral around the turn of the phrase “Marriage isn’t for you.”  The point of his article was from a discussion after his wedding with his dad. “My dad giving his response to my concerns was such a moment for…

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