Letters to My Daughters #7: “What It Means to Be a Christian”

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godless in dixie

girl_readingYour world so far has been pretty small. The people you see on a regular basis represent only a tiny sample of the world, but as you get older hopefully you will get to know a much wider range of people. There’s so much to learn from getting to know new people because you grow a little with each new friend you make. New friends add to who you are, so I hope you encounter a wide variety of them as you grow into the women you will become. If you do that you will be challenged to think about familiar things from unfamiliar angles, and you will learn to see old things in a new light. One of those things which will likely be challenged is your definition of what it means to be “Christian.”

At your age, people usually reduce that word to indicate a very narrow, prescribed…

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