On the Way with Music

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produced by Suzie(me) & Pengpeng

A band performance was held at the riverbank in Sha Tin Park on Friday night, Nov. 11, 2013. The band mainly consists of music fans aged from 50 to 65.

Among the members of this band – two erhu players, two flute players, one electronic organ players, and three singers, who take turns to perform, Band Au, the electronic player, takes on a key role in organizing each performance.

“He’s definitely the soul of our band. I got to know him at first, and then joined the performance with him. Later our performance gradually attracted more and more music fans living nearby and, in recent two months we regularly hold performance each Friday night,” said A Xia, one of the three singers performing on that night.

Band Au, 55, took up playing the electronic piano when he was young and has been performing in the streets since 1998.

“I once cooperated with the Sha Tin police office and were invited by the council member Cheng Chor Kwong to perform in Sha Tin Town Hall,” he said.

“I feel pretty happy and relaxed here, just as Band King said, we come here for fun. It’s my time for pleasure,” said one of the audiences.

The band welcomes passer-by to join and sing with them.


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