The Last Day of Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday on Baiyun Mountain

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      Most people in mainland, China have a three-day holiday for Mid-Autumn Festival, started from Thursday, 19th September to Saturday, 21st September. In Guangzhou, thousands of people visit Baiyun Mountain, one of the highest places in Guangzhou, because of the tradition: people go to some high place to enjoy beautiful moon scenery at Mid-Autumn Festival, and they believe it’s the day when the moon is the brightest and round.


     Even it is the last day of the holiday and it’s daytime, this place was still popular.


Adults come here to relax and entertain; children follow their parents and have fun here; however, those who have to work on holidays have different kinds of view. Just like the “food court” opened for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, it not only gives people opportunities to try different kinds of food, but causes excess work to the cleaners.



Though the holiday comes to its end, the mountain will never be empty.




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