Month: October 2013

A Brighter Future – a Pakistani immigrant in Hong Kong

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Watch “The Killing Fields”, it will impress you!

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Winner of 3 Academy Awards.

A New York Times reporter and his Cambodian aide are harrowingly trapped in Cambodia’s 1975 Khmer Rougerevolution.

It shows how journalists work and how risk it could be. I see the spirit in it.

The link I provide only with Chinese subtitles, if you are curious, it has many sources and links online. Just google it, please.

A Traffic Accident Happened in Hongkong Sha Tin

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A Traffic Accident Happened in Hongkong Sha Tin

At about 2 a.m., suddenly I heard a big noise, sound like somebody was driving a car and really making a violent break. I looked out the window and saw two taxi vihecles and in 10 minutes or less, the police, firemen and ambulance came. Two cars look pretty damagedl and some parts were twisted.

The Last Day of Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday on Baiyun Mountain

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      Most people in mainland, China have a three-day holiday for Mid-Autumn Festival, started from Thursday, 19th September to Saturday, 21st September. In Guangzhou, thousands of people visit Baiyun Mountain, one of the highest places in Guangzhou, because of the tradition: people go to some high place to enjoy beautiful moon scenery at Mid-Autumn Festival, and they believe it’s the day when the moon is the brightest and round.


     Even it is the last day of the holiday and it’s daytime, this place was still popular.


Adults come here to relax and entertain; children follow their parents and have fun here; however, those who have to work on holidays have different kinds of view. Just like the “food court” opened for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, it not only gives people opportunities to try different kinds of food, but causes excess work to the cleaners.



Though the holiday comes to its end, the mountain will never be empty.



How the data can be used – proved through Hong Kong solid waste chart

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According to the data on the website of Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong government, I figure out that numbers can really be used as the prof of significant changes or incidents.

For example, a bar chart on that website named “Quantities of Solid Waste Disposed of at Landfills in 1991-2011” shows relevance to the economic and social incidents. The total of solid waste was reducted during the decade from nearly 9000(,000 tonnes) to about 5000(,000 tonnes). It may prove the environmental protection achievenment in Hong Kong.

In addition, through the whole chart, the industrial solid waste reduces and the commercial one keeps its growth. We can see a transfe in the trend from industry to trend in Hong Kong.

We can see in 1991 the construction solid waste was dominant, in 1996 it suddenly drops to one half of the 1991 amount. As we noted in our group discussion, it may has two reasons. The first one is the economic crisis in Asia. The economic crisis started with a sharp falling of Thailand’s currency baht in the summer of 1997, resulting in the Southeast Asian financial crisis. It also created trouble in Hong Kong,Taiwan and other places. The Hong Kong real estate market was overheated when the crisis came and the failure in real estate investment was disastrous for many citizens.

Until 2002, there was a change in quantities, because of Hong Kong’s economic resurgence. Then in 2003, U.S. and Iraq started to war and SARS swept the world, causing Hong Kong’s development momentum slow down.

In 2007, the economic crisis came through the world. As the crisis continued to 2009, we can see the quantities of construction waste in these three years went the lowest.

So in 2011, the domestic solid waste has the largest quantities. The above pie chart provides a clear prof.