How I spent my Mid-Autumn Festival?

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As a traditional festival in China, Mid-Autumn Festival is just less important than the Spring Festival. I think most Chinese believe that we should be with our family and enjoy the glorious full moon at that night.

Chinese people always gather to have dinner together. No one can deny the Chinese food cultrue. When we talk about business, we have a ceremony or we go to a funeral, we would like to end it on the dinner table. So Mid-Autumn Festival also brings us plenty of special food.

First must be mooncake. It can be divided into two types, traditional and modern. I personally prefer the modern type, and just before I left Hong Kong and go back to Guangzhou to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with my family, my mother already informed me that she had brought some Haagen-Dazs ice-cream mooncakes for me.

Pomelo is the second symbol food of the festival. It’s popular in autumn and the inside part of it just looks like a family being together, holding each other tightly. In northern areas of China,, people would make and eat dumplings when they’re together. But nowadays, most restaurants are full of people. People choose to eat at restaurants, so they don’t need to cook or wash dishes, just like my family and I went to a restaurant which we reserved a few days before the meal.

But some cultural tradition won’t disappear. Like Hong Kong and Guangzhou, I can still see festive lantern shows and citizens can solve riddles posted on lanterns. In ancient China, if you are the first one who solve the riddle, you can win that lantern. Now maybe you can win the lantern, some gifts or tools. I am not so good at it and only solved two simple riddles.

When we reached home, my mum said we have to “Bai Yue”, which means bow to the moon. It is a kind of rite to wish gods and godnesses lived on the moon (or in the sky) bless us and give us luck. Mum put some fruits and mooncakes on a small table (only used for rites), and burnt some joss sticks, I also did it (because she asked me to). Then she wanted me to eat some fruits which she had already “Bai”, “it will bring you luck”, she said.

Usually we spend the night watching TV or go to the mountain, but this Mid-Autumn Festival we slept earlier than we did last year. The CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Party is not very interesting, and if we go to Bai Yun Mountain (the highest and best place to see the moon in GZ), we might be squeezed as a piece of paper by the crowd. Because GZ local news showed that thousands of visitors crowded to the mountains and became such a mess, I just saw several police cars at the entrance of Bai Yun Mountain and a few policemen who couldn’t enjoy the wonderful evening with their family.

Ps: My family ancester SU Shi (Su Dong Pong) had a very famous Chiese peom for Mid-Autumn Festival, I would like to share it here and wish everyone a happy festival and a happy life.


我欲乘风归去, 又恐琼楼玉宇,高处不胜寒,起舞弄清影,何似在人间。

Translation to English:

Thinking of You

When will the moon be clear and bright?
With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky.
I don’t know what season it would be in the heavens on this night.
I’d like to ride the wind to fly home.
Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions are much too high and cold for me.
Dancing with my moon-lit shadow,
It does not seem like the human world.
The moon rounds the red mansion Stoops to silk-pad doors, Shines upon the sleepless Bearingno grudge,
Why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart? People may have sorrow or joy, benear or far apart,
The moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane,
This has been going on since the beginning of time.
May we all be blessed with longevity Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty ofthe moon together.


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