One in 7 Million

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Hong Kong has about 7.13 million people living in according to Baidu Encyclopedia.

Every night when people come back home, in the lobby or on the ground floor, there might be someone smiling or saying hi. These workers, who are called as building administrators or caretakers, might be still working, while most other people are sleeping or having a good time with their family.

As a caretaker of Garden Rivera for six years, Ms. FUNG AU LING said many people just ignored her like nobody was standing there. “Even when I smile and say hi, they won’t give a look. It makes me feel cold, like I am nobody or I don‘t  exist.”

Her working hours are 12 in total, from 7:30 to another 7:30, only a one-day rest per week. She has to wake up at 6 a.m. and arrive home at nearly 9:00 p.m. That means it won’t be possible for her to cook for her family like many other Hong Kong women do.

“My husband cook and I eat, but we already get used to it. My family understand me. In Hong Kong, either the rich or the poor need to find a way to live.”

Compared to her night shift colleague, Ms. Fung thinks her situation cannot be the worst, “the night shift is more difficult, and it’s not easy to keep yourself awake”. Their duty  to help strangers get registered and to watch the surveillance camera footage. “It is really boring”, she said.

“People being trapped in elevators almost becomes the only kind of accident I need to deal with. I saw a lot, many people were pretty angry and got vent towards us caretakers.  I feel sorry, but you know the repairman also need some time to come.”

According to Ms. Fung, the majority of dwellers lived in the building are Hong Kong residents and maybe 10% are students from other cities who come here to study. However, communication won’t  be limited by languages, and sometimes a smile just work well.




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