my feelings in Hong Kong (part 1)

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People who live in mainland China, consider Hong Kong as an inetrnational city with keen competition, so Hong Kong people are very busy. Then I found out it might be wrong when I came to Hong Kong and live in here.


First, Hong Kong residents work to prove their value and feel proud to earn their own living. An aunty I’ve just recently known once talked about her work. She is an saler working for real estate agent, so she needs to work 6 days per week, introducing the flats and trying to persuade customers to buy. As she’s above 55 (the age of retirement in mainland China), I wonder why she still works so hard. “I don’t want to stay at home, and I want to prove myself. Also, I can support my family better if I keep working.”

Second, Hong Kong guys focus more on individuals and personality than mainland guys do. They might be busy searching their own way and lifestyle. I rent Mrs Lin’s flat and chatted a few times. She complained that both her two sons didn’t want to inherit  their family’s car-repairing business. Even she only asked them, “your dad got a friend who can offer you a job, do you like to go?” The answer is  “No, no, no”. She guessed that they just want to do what they like or what’s suitable for them. That might be the reason why she didn’t see them much at home.


I think if I stay here longer, it will be more interest to discover and more different feelings. Listening to people’s stories gets me more information and inspiration.






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